14 Jan 2010, 9:18pm
Commuting Safety:

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Wet and woolly weekend

With storms expected into the weekend, experts are sounding the warnings about the many dangers that can sneak up on motorists.

Storms forecast in San Antonio

Tires can suddenly slip on a sheet of water. Rain splattering a windshield can blind you at a critical moment.

But the leading cause of weather-related deaths in Texas is flash flooding, according to state officials. Drivers often can’t tell how deep water is in low spots, and as little as six inches can sweep vehicles away, even pickups and SUVs.

The National Weather Service, forecasting heavy rain through Friday, has issued a flash flood warning in San Antonio and throughout South Texas.

The Texas Department of Transportation tonight released this flood advisory:

  1. Never walk, swim or drive through swift water.
  2. If you don’t heed No. 1, and your vehicle stalls in deep water, ditch the car and head to higher ground if you can do so safely.

And for those who can’t remember that, here goes: “Turn Around, Don’t Drown.”


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