19 Mar 2014, 4:47pm
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Loop 1604 West expansion continues

Loop 1604 meeting

TxDOT held an open house on March 18th to show their plans to improve Loop 1604 from Culebra south to Potranco.  That section of the loop is currently a four-lane divided highway with signalized intersections at SH 151, Wiseman, Military, and Potranco.  This project will upgrade that section of the loop to an expressway by adding overpasses at Wiseman, Military, and Potranco and building access roads and associated entrance and exit ramps.  The intersection of SH 151, although technically included within the project limits (mainly for signage purposes), would not see any actual changes with this project (more on that later.)  The $69 million project is set to begin in about a year and will take about 2 1/2 years to complete.

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19 Mar 2014, 1:07pm
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What’s going on at I-10 and DeZavala?

If you’ve traversed I-10 at DeZavala recently, you may have noticed that the center divider is being removed. ¬†Many folks have noticed and I’ve gotten the question more than once asking why. ¬†A few have even asserted that they’re ripping out brand new barrier that was just re-built recently.

First off, the barrier that’s being removed is not new. ¬†Yes, there have been several sections of barrier that were re-built in that same project area recently, but all of that was south of the Fredericksburg/Woodstone area. ¬†You can tell the new barrier because it’s still the raw, dark gray color. ¬†The old barrier is tan, and that’s what’s being removed at DeZavala.

Now to answer the “why”. ¬†I-10 is being widened in that area, and consequently the DeZavala overpass needs to be widened to carry those additional lanes. ¬†But it turns-out that the overpass also needs to raised a few feet in the process. ¬†This means that they’ll have to tear-down the old overpass. ¬†In order to do that, traffic will need to be shifted from one side of the overpass to the other while half of the bridge is demolished and re-built. ¬†Therefore, the divider is being removed to allow for that traffic switch as well as the fact that it will need to be removed anyway since the bridge it sits on is being replaced.

Loop 1604 project breaks ground

Loop 1604 groundbreaking

It was so cold that I could feel my brain starting to freeze, but yours truly was standing out in the median of Loop 1604 between Braun and New Guilbeau this morning to witness the groundbreaking of the long-awaited Loop 1604 expressway project.  This $82 million project will extend the existing toll-free expressway cross-section at Bandera Rd. south to Culebra by building overpasses at Braun, New Guilbeau, and Shaenfield and adding continuous access roads and associated entrance and exit ramps.  It is expected to take about 28 months or so to complete.

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Loop 410 is done!

Ribbon cutting for Loop 410 expansion

Ribbon-cutting for Loop 410 expansion

For the past 30 years,¬†San Antonians¬†have complained about construction along Loop 410.¬† But no more.¬† As Mayor Julian Castro said during today’s Loop 410 ribbon-cutting ceremony, “the headaches are over!”

The last leg of the nearly $1 billion “410 for SA” project to¬†improve Loop 410 across the northside of San Antonio is just about done with just a few final “punch list” items remaining, so TxDOT and other local officials– including the Mayor, County Judge Nelson Wolff, VIA boss Keith Parker, and city councilman John Clamp– took the opportunity today to celebrate the culmination of 30 years of work that¬†widened¬†Loop 410 from six to 10 lanes from Perrin-Beitel¬†to Culebra and built new interchanges at US 281, San¬†Pedro,¬†I-10, and Bandera Rd.¬† All of these improvements have helped get Loop 410 “ahead of the curve” with regards to traffic and has significantly cut congestion and delays throughout the corridor.¬† And the completion comes just in time: 2009 traffic counts show that Loop 410 has regained its position as the busiest highway in San Antonio with an¬†average of¬†215,000 vehicles per day between I-10 and US 281.

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2 Oct 2009, 2:56pm

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Good and bad news for Potranco

If your commute involves Potranco Rd. (FM 1957) outside Loop 1604, then I have the proverbial good news and bad news for you.¬† The good news is that the Texas Transportation Commission approved a pass-through financing agreement with Bexar County last week that will allow the county to fund and manage the widening of Potranco from two to four lanes¬†between Loop 1604¬†and SH 211 in far western Bexar County.¬† This agreement will allow the expansion work to get done much, much sooner than if it had to wait its turn for “traditional” (read: gas tax) funding, which is growing more scarce every year.¬† After the project is completed, TxDOT will reimburse the county for about 65% of the costs on a prorated basis over several years.¬† The Potranco widening is lumped-in with another much-needed project: the completion (finally) of SH 211.¬† I hear that developers in the area are picking-up the remainder of the tab on the two projects.

The bad news?¬† It looks like work won’t start for about two years as Bexar County finalizes the plans for the two projects.¬† So relief is still a few years away, but at least the ball has started rolling.

2 Oct 2009, 10:56am
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Loop 410 closed Saturday


Workers will close eastbound Loop 410 on the Northeast Side this Saturday so they can set bridge beams.

Crews will divert motorists¬†to a frontage road from 2 a.m. to as late as¬†6 p.m., according to the Texas Department of Transportation. Traffic will probably start backing up on the freeway’s main lanes shortly after sunrise.¬†

To skip the mess, drivers can use Wurzbach Parkway or Austin Highway. Or,¬†like I’ll do from the Northwest Side,¬†you can swing wide to¬†Loop 1604.

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Check TransGuide for current highway conditions.


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