2 Jul 2010, 7:45pm

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Americans change their minds about holiday travel

Live weather feed for San Antonio from the National Weather Service.

There’s plenty for would-be travelers to worry about.

A hole in the Gulf floor spews thousands of barrels a day of sticky oil. A European debt crisis shook up financial markets. Storms will soak much of Texas through the Fourth of July weekend. 

But as I sit on my porch sipping coffee, watching my¬†lawn drink in what Hurricane Alex’s remnants¬†have left to dump, 34.9 million Americans will be on¬†vacation trips,¬†a whopping 17 percent more¬†than last year, AAA says. Nine out of 10¬†will go by car.

And why not? Most Gulf beaches remain clean and open. A U.S. economic recovery seems to be holding steady. Most Texas roads, though wet, are open.

Also, gas prices are under $3 a gallon.

So though travelers will spend a little less — on¬†average, $50 less — than last year, the holiday looks much brighter than a year ago.¬†

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