Medical/Babcock plans

Click the image above for a full-size, annoted diagram

Click the image above for a full-sized, annotated diagram

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, work is scheduled to start soon on the Medical/Babcock intersection in the Medical Center.  I got a copy of the plans and most of the changes mirror those at the other Med Center intersection upgrades: new signals and signage, dedicated right turn bays on all four corners, and improved pavement.  A couple of other improvements are also planned:

  • Long, dual left turn lanes from southbound Babcock onto Medical.  This will facilitate the morning commute and help reduce the backups on Babcock that sometimes extend nearly to Hamilton Wolfe.
  • Dual left turn lanes from westbound Medical to southbound Babcock.

To facilitate the new long left turn lanes on southbound Babcock, left turns to and from Lamb Road will now be prohibited.  I know a lot of people use that to get to/from Oakdell Way– those folks will now either have to use Medical and come back around from the west or use Roanoke Run or Hamilton Wolfe to the north.  I was actually a little surprised that the plan did not completely close the Lamb Road intersection with Babcock and instead realign Oakdell Way through the empty lots there to meet Babcock at a new intersection about 150 yards or so to the north. 

Another small surprise was that the wide median on Medical on the west side of Babcock wasn’t narrowed, maybe for a dedicated left turn lane.  I often see people coming from that direction turning left onto Babcock interfere with oncoming traffic going straight or turning right and I’m convinced that the wide median there is part of the problem.  Reconfiguring that median or changing the signals to a split-phase would resolve that.

Thanks to the folks at the South Texas Medical Center Alliance, Project Control, and Pape-Dawson Engineering for making the plans available to me.


Wow! This is news to me. I used to live near that area for many years and knew that something had to be done about the flow of traffic between Babcock and Medical for a long time. I’m so glad they’re doing this, especially since it’ll mean widening Medical and creating a dedicated right turn lane onto Babcock headed north/toward De Zavala, which have been on my personal wish list for awhile. Next up: They need to widen Medical from Fredericksburg to I-10! At least make it a 5-laner with two lanes in each direction and a dedicated left turn lane in the middle. And then have EVERYONE on board with the “right hand lane is a right turn lane ONLY” edict as Medical ends on I-10 and you have the option of going either eastbound or westbound. Stupid right hand lane people who think it’s peachy to go westbound even though THERE ARE CLEAR SIGNS indicating you can only go eastbound…. *mutters to self*

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@Diane – The City is working on plans for Medical from Fredericksburg to I-10. Initially, they were looking at a reversible lane, but last I heard, that idea was no longer being considered. The main problem with that stretch of road is the tight right-of-way. First up, though, will be an underpass on Medical at Fredericksburg, currently scheduled to start construction late next year. Oh, and I totally agree with you on the boneheads who think the “RIGHT LANE MUST TURN RIGHT” signs don’t apply to them.

Where is the BRT in this construction? I thought they were going to set aside lanes for the BRT for medical dr.

@SANow – AFAIK, there are no dedicated lanes for BRT planned through the Medical Center, only along Fredericksburg Rd.

Thanks for the response. I wish they would use roundabout more in their street design. I like driving the only one they have in medical center.


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