21 Mar 2013, 8:39pm

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Bluebonnets along Texas highways expected to be spotty

Wow. Look at this gorgeous rolling ribbon of road and bluebonnets.

This Texas Hill Country highway made msn.com’s top 10 scenic drives in the U.S.

Bluebonnets along Texas Highway

Texas Hill Bluebonnet Tour, from msn.com's "10 scenic spring drives"

“If you want to see fields and fields of bright blue flowers resting atop a bed of emerald green grass, look no further than the annual Texas Hill Bluebonnet Tour,” it says.

But not all is so flowery.

“Wild about wildflowers? Too bad,” says an Express-News story posted yesterday, which lament’s this year’s spotty blooms.

Unlike last year’s lush bounty, fed by more than 10 inches of rainfall, this  year’s blooms will be small and scattered due to just a third as much rain since Jan 1, according to the report. Meanwhile, look for the color to peak in early April.


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