3 Oct 2009, 8:16pm
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Transportation website makeovers

New airport website

New airport website

Two local transportation-related websites have gotten or are about to get long-overdue overhauls.  First, sometime last month, San Antonio International Airport launched their vastly improved website.  Besides being much more professional-looking, the new website is substantially easier to navigate, is less cluttered than the old one, and just works better overall.  Along with the new airport site is a companion site called “SAOnTheFly“, which is dedicated solely to the award-winning concessions program at the airport.  It’s here that I found the feature I like best– the very slick interactive terminal maps.  Congratulations to those involved in these new sites!

Another site getting a much-needed makeover soon is the TransGuide website.  Visiting their website, you’ll see a big “TransGuide website upgrade coming end of October 2009” banner with a “beta” preview of the site already online alongside the soon-to-be “legacy” site.  I’ll have more details of the new TransGuide site on a future posting.


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