25 Oct 2009, 10:46am
Toll roads:


20 lane toll road?? Not really…

Back at the US 281 Super Street meeting a few months ago, I got into a discussion with a TURF representative about the proposed tollway for 281.  His was adamant that the toll plan would need more lanes than the original toll-free or “gas-tax” plan.  When I pressed him on it, he could not explain why a tolled expressway would need more lanes than a free expressway, only that “it would have to.” 

As it turns-out, one of TURF’s most misleading half-truths is the notion that the tollway proposal for US 281 would be 20 lanes wide, while the “original overpass plan” would only be 10 lanes.  Good job TURF!  You guys have mastered the art of misinformation.

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