So long Maggie!

Maggie and Brian at her retirement shindig

Maggie and yours truly at her retirement shindig

You’ve probably seen Maggie Rios¬†on the local¬†news¬†talking¬†about road construction, lane closures, and the like, but you won’t see her on TV anymore– at least not¬†as a TxDOT spokesperson.¬† That’s because¬†after¬†30 years of toiling at the state’s highway agency, Maggie¬†has decided it’s time to give up the limelight and¬†retire.¬† Now she’s off to do what most¬†pensioners look forward to doing: spending ample time with her grandkids and husband and just plain relaxing.

I’ve known Maggie for almost two decades now, going back to when she was¬†an assistant to¬†David Otwell, the agency’s local public information officer back in the late ’80s and early ’90s.¬† She is a wonderfully kind person and a consummate professional¬†who always strove to be the best liaison and ombudsman possible between¬†TxDOT’s San Antonio¬†district office¬†and John Q. Citizen, an often¬†challenging¬†proposition.¬† She has provided immeasurable assistance to me over the years in the form of numerous documents, answers to countless questions, and the¬†fielding of a number of complaints and suggestions (yes, even I complain to TxDOT¬†once and a while).¬† Along the way, she¬†has become a good friend.

As such, it was an honor and privilege for me to be able to attend her retirement ceremony a few weeks ago, during which she received a proclamation from the Legislature thanking her for her many years of service, as well as a flag that had been flown over the state capitol in her honor.  Additionally, she received a nice plaque from TxDOT and a wonderful gift from her co-workers.  It was obvious that she will be greatly missed.

Enjoy your retirement Maggie!


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