Relief coming for Eckhert at Bandera!

Echkert at Bandera

For commuters from the Medical Center to Bandera Rd., one of the worse bottlenecks is the intersection of Eckhert at Bandera.¬† While there are dual left turn lanes for traffic¬†headed toward the Medical Center from southbound Bandera, there is only a single right turn lane for traffic coming from the Medical Center to northbound Bandera.¬† This means that during the afternoon rush hour, that right turn lane backs-up considerably, sometimes all the way to Marshall High School, which itself also contributes to the problems when school’s in session.¬† To get around that, drivers cut through on neighboring streets, especially Woodchase, and some cut through the Carl’s Jr./Dickey’s parking lot.¬†¬†A few¬†bold drivers even make illegal right turns from the center lane, which is marked as straight or left turn only.¬† And I’m sure many drivers just avoid the area entirely.

To finally provide some relief, TxDOT and the City of San Antonio are working to¬†install dual right turn lanes.¬†¬†Some initial prep work to fix the corner curb and bring the curb cut to ADA compliance was completed a few weeks ago, and the “pork-chop”¬†island that separates the right turn bay from the through lanes was removed earlier this week.¬† The City now has some traffic signal work to complete and then the restriping will be done.¬† There’s no official completion date¬†as of now, but I would guess that it would be done by the time school starts-up again later this month or shortly¬†thereafter.


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