17 Aug 2011, 8:00am

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First Loop 1604 superstreet intersection opens tomorrow

LP 1604 superstreet signThe first of two superstreet intersections on Loop 1604 West is set to open Thursday morning in time for rush hour. Crews have been working this week to pave and complete the other finishing touches. The final work will be done tonight to convert the intersection to its new configuration.

Starting tomorrow morning, traffic coming from New Gilbeau will no longer be able to turn left onto Loop 1604 southbound. Instead, all traffic will turn right with those wishing to go southbound then taking the new turnaround about 1,500 feet downstream. Traffic headed southbound on 1604 will still be able to turn left onto New Gilbeau.

This is the first of two superstreet intersections to be built on Loop 1604 West. The second one, at Shaenfield Road, is expected to be completed next month.

The new configuration at New Gilbeau will allow one signal phase to be dropped. This will allow additional green time to be added to Loop 1604 northbound without lengthening the overall cycle length. The improvements at New Gilbeau will not provide any direct benefit to motorists on southbound 1604. However, the improvements at Shaenfield will be the inverse of those at New Gilbeau; that is, it will benefit southbound traffic but not northbound.

The final elements of this package of improvements will re-configure the intersection of SH 151 and Loop 1604. That will be completed later this year. Work is scheduled to start in mid 2012 on an underpass for SH 151.

This is the second stretch of superstreet in San Antonio. The first, on US 281 north of Loop 1604, was completed last October. A before-and-after study showed a 25% increase in morning rush hour speeds and a 50% increase in evening rush hour speeds.




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