13 Mar 2010, 12:00pm

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Schematics are back!

Snippet of schematic showing I-10 at Loop 410

Snippet of schematic showing I-10 at Loop 410

A few years ago, I had schematics for most of the area’s freeways on my website.Ā  They were rather crude, so a couple of years ago, I embarked on a project to upgrade them.Ā  I got just one done (I-10 West) when I realized that the process of creating and maintaining them– especially given all the changes brought about by the massive amount of construction the past few years– just made them unwieldy and there was no way I would ever be able to get them all done.Ā  So when I updated my siteĀ earlier this year, I dropped that lone schematic while I investigated a differentĀ method of doing them.Ā  Finally, I think I have settled on aĀ design that is substantially easier for me to put together and should be even easier to keep up-to-date, andĀ one thatĀ is, frankly,Ā easier to decipher and more informative than the oldĀ ones were.Ā  Yesterday, I posted the first one, which also happens to be I-10 West.Ā  Take a gander and let me know what you think.


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