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Worst traffic road conditions in Texas

Worst traffic road conditions in Texas

Officials have released a list of the 100 worst traffic conditions in Texas.

Dallas motorists suffer the most highly congested road conditions in Texas, says a recent report from the Texas Department of Transportation.

The state’s top three bottlenecks are all located in Dallas County, according to the 100 Most Congested Roadway Segments in Texas. But while Dallas has the hottest spots, Harris County actually has more of them. The Houston area has 31 on the worst road conditions traffic list while Dallas has 21.

Road conditions for Fort Worth are next in line for headaches, with 15 tight spots, followed by San Antonio with 11 and Austin with 10.

Here are the top 10 most congested roads and their respective counties:

  1. SS 366 in Dallas, from I-35E to U.S. 75
  2. I-635 in Dallas, from I-35E to U.S. 75
  3. U.S. 75 in Dallas, from I-635 to Woodall Rodgers Freeway
  4. I-35 in Travis, from SH 71 to U.S. 183
  5. I-35W in Tarrant, from I-30 to SH 183
  6. U.S. 59 in Harris, from I-10 to SH 288
  7. I-35E in Dallas, from I-30 to SH 183
  8. I-10 in Harris, from I-45 to U.S. 59
  9. I-610 in Harris, from I-10 to I-45
  10. I-45 in Harris, from I-10 to I-610

See this interactive map to locate all 100.

Congestion patterns haven’t changed much over the past year, Texas officials say

“Finishing or starting construction is probably the number one reason for the shift in ratings,” said Tim Lomax, a researcher with the Texas Transportation Institute, which helped TxDOT develop the list.

“Weather contributed, and the economic recession has generally reduced congestion compared to four years ago,” he said. “But in the last year, construction was primary.”

The Transportation Institute calculates congestion from traffic speeds gathered by NAVTEQ, a firm that collects real time travel information nationwide, and combines that with traffic volume data.

“Texans know that traffic is bad, and these ratings shifts won’t change public opinion,” Lomax said. “The list is important for planning purposes.”


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