1 Mar 2010, 12:30pm
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Governors’ transpo planks

Well over a month ago now, I critiqued Kay Bailey Hutchison’s transportation policy plank of her gubernatorial platform.  I had intended to review the other candidate’s proposals soon thereafter, but alas, got sidetracked.  With the primary elections tomorrow, I thought it might be time to finally get to it.  🙂

The candidates’ (major candidates only) policy statements are evaluated in order of their current polling numbers, Republicans first.

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Kay’s transportation vision less than 20/20

Kay Bailey HutchisonFor the past week or so, I’ve been watching the drama unfold as Kay Bailey Hutchison announced the transportation plank of her platform for governor and the ensuing television ad and Rick Perry’s counter-ad.  The use of the DMS signs was clever, but her message shows a both continuing lack of understanding of the core issues on her part as well as a bit of a dichotomy.

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