24 Aug 2010, 8:15pm
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Live longer by driving less (or at least slower)

San Antonio traffic jam

San Antonio traffic jam photo from viainfo.net.

A recent study laid out what I found to be an amazing stat.

For every hour driving, U.S. life expectancy decreases by 20 minutes, suggests analysis in a University of Toronto study. The shorter life spans are due to crashes.

An hour a day is about the average two-way San Antonio commute. So the typical driver here loses four days a year, about half a year over a 40-year career. The payoff is a year and a half slogging through traffic to make the bucks.

The finding that drivers lose a minute of life for every three minutes on the road wasn’t even the main point of the study. Authors wanted to┬áconsider┬áthe risks of driving faster to reduce┬átravel┬átimes. They determined┬áthat┬átime saved by speeding is far outweighed by shortened lives┬ádue to higher┬áchances of crashing.

The conclusion: Americans drive a little too fast and can live longer by driving slower.


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